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Exploring the Complexity of Protein Structure Determination Through X-ray Diffraction

Sarah Otun* and Ikechukwu Achilonu

Published: 21 November, 2023 | Volume 7 - Issue 3 | Pages: 124-132

The determination of a protein structure by using X-ray diffraction encompasses a series of sequential steps (including gene identification and cloning, protein expression and purification, crystallization, phasing model building, refinement, and validation), which need the application of several methodologies derived from molecular biology, bioinformatics, and physical sciences. This article thoroughly examines the complicated procedure of elucidating protein structures within plant biology, using X-ray diffraction as the primary methodology. Commencing with the gene identification process and progressing toward crystallography, this article explores the many obstacles and achievements in acquiring diffraction pictures and their subsequent conversion into electron density maps. The ensuing phases of model construction, refinement, and structural validation are thoroughly examined, providing insight into the inherent complexity associated with each stage. The paper also discusses the critical component of understanding the resultant model and scrutinizing its biological significance. By comprehensively examining these stages, this article presents a nuanced comprehension of the intricate procedure in ascertaining protein structures within plant biology. It offers valuable insights into the obstacles encountered and the biological importance of the acquired structural data.

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