About Journal


Phytopathology is a multi-disciplinary science that not only includes study of plant diseases but also deals with host species such as plant science and plant physiology. Plant science is the study of diversities, functions and structures of plants. It involves studying plants living on land, in the sea and in freshwater environments, from the scale of genes and molecules to ecology.

Journal of Plant Science and Phytopathology is a unique initiative of Heighten Science to publish rigorously peer-reviewed scholarly manuscripts to disseminate the knowledge and awareness of utmost importance of plant science for securing the environment and human beings.

Reasons for Publishing

Present day need is to understand and focus the impact of human activities and global climate change, on plant communities. Plants are dominantly important to the wellbeing of ecosystems, and for the management and maintenance of a sustainable biosphere. Plants provide us oxygen, food, feed, fibers, and building materials, and are a varied source of industrial and pharmaceutical chemicals therefore there is a need to preserve and enhance plant management.

To address these eminent points of issue, Journal of Plant Science and Phytopathology took the initiative to publish manuscripts that are milestone resources providing better plant management in the future.

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