Name Designation Department Affiliation Detail
Zhou Xuanwei Professor Department of Plant Sciences Shanghai Jiao Tong University, China More

Executive Editors

Name Designation Department Affiliation Detail
Edgar Omar Rueda-Puente Department of Agriculture and Livestock Universidad de Sonora, Mexico More


Name Designation Department Affiliation Detail
Victoria Anatolyivna Tsygankova Principal researcher, Senior Staff Scientist Department for Chemistry of Bioactive Nitrogen-Containing Heterocyclic Compounds V.P. Kukhar Institute of Bioorganic Chemistry and Petrochemistry, Ukraine More
Esra KUPELI AKKOL Professor Pharmacy Gazi University, Turkey More
Myoung-Gun Choung Professor Department of Pharmacognosy Material Development Kangwon National University, South Korea More
Saeed Mohammadi Professor Department of Biology Islamic Azad University, Iran More
Xiaolin Sun Senoir Scientist New Zealand Institute of Plant and Food Research, New Zealand More
Zhenzhu Xu Vegetation and Environmental Change Chinese Academy of Sciences, China More
Shri Krishna Raj Sr. Principal Scientist CSIR-National Botanical Research Institute, India More
Emine Mine Soylu Professor Department of Plant Protection Mustafa Kemal University, Turkey More
Rafik Bachoual Faculty of Sciences of Gabès University of Gabès, Tunisia More
Jie Wang Research Associate Department of Plant Biology Michigan State University, USA More
Ching-Liang Hsieh Professor and Director Acupuncture Research Center China Medical University, Taiwan More
Pratibha Mishra nee Vyas Assistant Professor Microbiology Lovely Professional University, India More
Mojtaba Salouti Faculty of Sciences Department of Microbiology Islamic Azad University, Iran More
Laura Serna Faculty of Environmental Sciences Environmental Sciences University of Castilla-La Mancha, Spain More
Magdalena Arasimowicz-Jelonek Assistant Professor Department of Plant Ecophysiology Adam Mickiewicz University, Poland More
Choo Chee Yan Associate Professor Faculty of Pharmacy Universiti Teknologi MARA, Malaysia More
Huayu Sun Department of Plant Science and Landscape Architecture University of Connecticut, USA More
Mohammad Rahnamaeian Department of Plant Biotechnology University of Giessen, Germany More
Xiaohong Gan Professor College of Life Sciences China West Normal University, China More
Renyi Gui Zhejiang A & F University, China More
Magda PÁL Agricultural Institute, Hungary More
Ying Miao Forestry University, China More
Zijian Li Case Western Reserve University, United States More
Simon Bernard Iloki Assanga Del Laboratorio de Investigaciones, France More
Asis Datta Jawaharlal Nehru University, India More
Aizhong LIU Kunming Institute of Botany, China More
Chang Liu University of Florida, United States More
Marcos Rafael Gusmao Brazilian Agricultural Research Corporation, Brazil More
Sandro Augusto Rhoden Instituto Federal Catarinense, Brazil More
Moh’d (Mohammed) Zohair Moh’d Allouh Jordan University of Science & Technology, Jordan More
Mehmet Karaca Akdeniz University, Turkey More
Soner Soylu Mustafa Kemal University, Turkey More
Mônica Danielly de Mello Oliveira Universidade Federal da Paraíba, Brazil More
YASHAVANTHA RAO HC Indian Institute of Science, India More
Areg Hovhannissyan Yerevan State University, American Samoa More
Bin Tian Kansas State University, United States More
Chung-Yi Chen Fooyin University, Taiwan More
Maina J. Wagacha University of Nairobi, Kenya More
Giuseppe Parrella Institute for Sustainable Plant Protection of CNR, Italy More
Jianming Fu Kansas State University, United States More
Bertoli Alessandra University of Pisa, Italy More
Yoko Oshima-Franco Universidade de Sorocaba, Brazil More
Herminia García Mozo University of Cordoba, Spain More
Xiaobao Ying University of Florida, United States More
Cinzia Forni University of Rome “Tor Vergata”, Italy More
Ravi Valluru International Maize and Wheat Improvement Center (CIMMYT), Mexico More
AE Aboulata Agricultural Research Center, Egypt More
Shouqin Gu Hebei Agricultural University, China More
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